Security Fencing

We specialise in steel palisade and various high security mesh fencing systems

Let JDC Fencing’s experts solve your security fencing needs.

Most clients want to balance protecting their property with keeping their premises looking attractive. If you want a low level deterrent that will put off vandals or burglars, then simple timber fencing or metal railings look attractive and do the trick.

Where the threat of damage, disruption or theft is business critical, the need for a property to look attractive is replaced by the need for it to look well-secured, possibly guarded and, seemingly at least, impenetrable. In such cases, we recommend steel palisade fencing.

The top of the fencing can be finished in many ways to prevent intruders climbing over it and the pales of the fence strengthened in varying degrees to prevent intruders gaining access by cutting or bending the pales.

We can also supply and install sliding or swing gates that match the fences can be incorporated in the fencing, and we can make the gates automated or add magnetic locks managed by coded keypads, security cameras or video entry systems.

Perimeter Security Fencing

Perimeter security fencing includes steel palisadesteel railings and a wide range of wire mesh fencing systems to provide high security and good looking surrounding.

Steel Palisade Security Fencing

With 2.4m high triple point pales, steel palisade security fencing conforms to BS 1722 part 12:2006, providing high security to the perimeter of your organisation’s buildings and land.

Bike Lockers Security Fencing

If you want to encourage pupils and staff to cycle to school, providing a special area where bikes can be locked is essential. We can provide you with the rails and fences you need for this, and ensure your bike park blends in with the appearance of your school.

Automated High Security Fencing and Gate Systems

Sliding or Swing gates provide good access without need for manpower and high security at all times.

Barbed Wire & Razor Wire Security Fencing