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You need to balance protecting your pupils, staff, visitors and premises with keeping your school looking attractive and welcoming. We can help you achieve just that. Take a look below at some of our work and you’ll soon see, no matter what your school fencing requirements are, we can meet them in a way that works perfectly and looks good to the eye. Our fencing for your perimeter, playground, sports field or bike parking area, with matching sliding or swing gates if you need them, will certainly enhance the security and appearance of your school.

Perimeter School Fencing

Whether you choose steel palisade, steel railings or wire mesh, our school fencing and gates will provide you with the security and smart appearance you need. And if you want automated gates, video entry systems or security cameras, we can provide them too.

School Play Area Surround Fencing

Playground fencing needs to have a reassuring and fun appearance for your pupils, while keeping them secure. We can provide RoSPA approved fencing with matching gates in any colour you choose.

School Fencing Sports Surround

Wire mesh is the preferred solution for school sports fencing because it provides a see-through boundary with some give that’s better for the health & safety of pupils than more solid materials. It’s also value-for-money, fairly quick to install and easy to repair.

High Security Gate Fencing Systems

If security is a particular concern, we can provide you with fencing solutions that give the best protection to your pupils, staff, visitors and premises. Sliding or swing gates that match the fences can be incorporated in the fencing, and we can make the gates automated or add magnetic locks managed by coded keypads, security cameras or video entry systems. Just tell us the problem and we’ll suggest the best solution for you.

Additional School Fencing Services

If you want to encourage pupils and staff to cycle to school, providing a special area where bikes can be locked is essential. We can provide you with the rails and fences you need for this, and ensure your bike park blends in with the appearance of your school. As we often provide school sports ground fencing, it’s not surprising we’re asked to provide cricket netting (or cricket cages as they’re often called) too. This is usually as part of a bigger sports field fencing project, but we’re more than happy to supply and install them on their own. We are also able to build storage structures such as sheds or bin storage areas to help keep the school environment tidy, organised and safe.

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